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Jet 12" Planer Thicknesser
New Combination Machine
Jet 12" Planer Thicknesser with Helical Head
New Combination Machine
Jet 140mm Belt / 190mm Disc Sander with Stand
New Sander
Jet 153mm Belt / 305mm Disc Sander with Stand
New Sander
Jet Oscillating Spindle Sander
New Sander
Jet Oscillating Edge Sander
New Sander
JET Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander
New Sander
Jet Drum Sander 10-20
New Sander
Jet Drum Sander 16-32
New Sander
Jet Drum Sander 22-44
New Sander
Jet Cabinet Mount Chisel Mortiser
New Mortiser
JET Variable Speed Floor Mount Drill Press
New Drilling Machines
Jet Vortex DC-1200 Dust Collector
New Filter Bag Collector
Jet 14" Industrial Bandsaw
New Band Saw
Jet 16" Bandsaw
New Band Saw

"Very good. Thank you."

Equipment Sold: Jet Jet Planer Thicknesser
Location: QLD


Equipment Sold: Jet JET JWBS 24" Bandsaw (600mm) Band Saw
Location: QLD


Equipment Sold: Jet 20 inch 3-phase Jet Band Saw
Location: ACT

"Easy to work with"

Equipment Sold: Jet PEDESTAL FLOOR DRILL Drill Presses
Location: QLD

"Very good"

Equipment Sold: Jet Jet Drill Press JDP-17F Drill Presses
Location: NSW

"Good result in short time"

Equipment Sold: Jet NEW 8 " JET JOINTER Planer Jointer
Location: NSW

"fantastic and the best site to sell a machine"

Equipment Sold: Jet JWBS18X Band Saw
Location: QLD

"Worked well for this piece of equipment"

Equipment Sold: Jet Excellent condition Thicknesser
Location: NSW

"Good to have it listed with you."

Equipment Sold: Jet JWP-16OS Thicknesser
Location: NSW


Equipment Sold: Jet DC-1200 Filter Bag Collector
Location: QLD

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