Established in 1969, Shini has been in the industry providing solutions to numerous applications that include drying and dehumidifying, feeding and conveying, dosing and mixing, heating and cooling, and granulating and recycling, to name a few. Shini has cemented their brand as one of the top contenders recognised by the international market and with their ISO:9001 and CE certification. Aside from those, it has also received other awards and citations such as the Golden Dragon Prize for the Excellent Machinery Parts Appraisal, Technical Advanced Organization award, High and New Tech Enterprises award, and was rated as one of the Top 100 Enterprises in Chinese Plastics Machinery Industry.

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From the beam source to the cutting head – The New complete ‘All-In-Light’ package from Precitec

18 Oct,2017 - Precitec’s new ‘All-In-Light’ package offers an attractive solution for the complete optical chain from the laser, and the laser light fibre to the cutting head. This package is made possible by a strategic cooperation with the laser specialist Trumpf. It makes the disc laser technology available for manufacturers of flatbed and tube cutting machines. Combined ...

How Longevity and Upgrades is Saving Laser Customers Money

18 Oct,2017 - Keeping a machine at optimal performance cuts set-up time, reduces scrap rates, and increases parts per hour coming off the machine. If you can extend the life of the machine while still operating within those parameters, you are ahead of the game. “It’s not just about speed when you are laser processing” says Richard Ladley, ...

How to Grow Your Business with Strategic Partnerships

04 Aug,2017 - Sometimes the simplest childhood lessons can foster the most powerful rewards in our adult lives; if only we remember to apply them. As a kid, life was exponentially better with a best mate by your side. Yet, in your working life, it’s easy to get caught up in the concept of competition which sees many ...

Local Lads Making World-Class Custom Classics

14 Jul,2017 - There are few things we love more than a fast machine, here at Machines4u. A fast machine, fine-tuned and built to perfection from the ground up? Well, that’s basically catnip to us. So, when we found out about some local lads who are building world-class customs, we may have spent a little too much ‘work ...

Yawei HLE fiber laser improves quality and reduces lead times at Ace Wire Works

21 Jun,2018 - With the demise of local car manufacturing, many companies that previously supplied automotive components have had to diversify into other areas to grow their businesses. Ace Wire Works is one such company that has successfully made the transition from supplying automotive products such as the wire seat frames for Toyota Camrys, to a diverse product ...

Shini Vacuum Filler/ Hopper Loader
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Shini Vacuum Filler/ Hopper Loader + Hopper Dryer
Used Filling Equipment
Shini Industrial Water Liquid Chiller 4.8kW
Shini Plastic Granulators
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Shini 2003 Granulator
Shini Vacuum Filler/ Hopper Loader
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Shini Used SG2336 Granulator
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Shini *BARGAIN* SG-3048 Sound-proof Granulator
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Shini *BARGAIN* SG-3048 Sound-proof Granulator
Used Shredders

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