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Machines4u and its private sellers and dealers have 95 Freightliner machines for sale. All new Freightliner machines incorporate the latest technology to make the design and user experience even more enjoyable. On the other hand, there are used Freightliner equipment in all sizes and configuration to meet your needs and standards. If you are looking for more information about a certain machine you can proceed to that specific advertisement. There, you will find full contact details of the dealer or private seller so you can contact them directly for further inquiries.
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14 Jul,2017 - Just as we here at Machines4u are singing the praises of Fuso, Tesla and Ford for their innovations into electric commercial vehicles, Australian firm SEA Electric already have skin in the game. Delivering nine fully-electric vehicles to King Transport today, SEA is leading the way in electric transport in Australia and showing the rest of the ...

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Would you pay for effortlessly increased uptime? Yes, so would we.

22 Jun,2017 - At the Brisbane Truck Expo, we had the opportunity to catch up with David Armstrong, Director of Business Development for Groeneveld in the Asia Pacific Region. A European company, Groeneveld is a global supplier of automatic greasing systems and have been operating in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. “What we sell is uptime. ...

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Freightliner Primemover Truck
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner Argosy
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner Argosy
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2005 FLH Argosy 6x4 Cab Over Prime Mover (CP002)
Freightliner 2014 Coronado 114 6x4 Prime Mover
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2010 FLX
Used Rigid Trucks
Freightliner 2008 Columbia
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2011 Columbia
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2011 Coronado
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2009 Columbia CL120 FLX
Freightliner 1996 FL112
Used Livestock Feeding & Handling
Freightliner 2000 Argosy 90
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2009 Columbia
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner 2006 Argosy FLH
Used Prime Mover Trucks
Freightliner Columbia
Used Prime Mover Trucks


Equipment Sold: Freightliner FREIGHTLINER FL SERIES PRIME MOVER Vehicle Carrier
Location: QLD


Equipment Sold: Freightliner Freightliner 1997 FLC 112 Tipper Rigid Trucks
Location: SA


Equipment Sold: Freightliner FREIGHTLINER FH SERIES 98 PRIME MOVER Prime Mover Trucks
Location: QLD
Freightliner CST120, 500HP, Prime Mover. EMUS NQ
Prime Mover Trucks
Used | $42,900