Wia is a manufacturing company that has long been part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) which is a globral manufacturing group. It integrates innovation to the development of their products to provide the best solutions for heavy engineering, mining, and oil and gas markets. Wia has produced welding equipment such as mig welders, arc and tig welders, engine driven welders, plasma cutters, wirefeeders, and other multi-process welders in Australia for over 50 years.

WIA MIG Welder Weldmatic 395
WIA Constructor AD25 Tig Welder
Used Tig Welders
WIA Synchro-Pulse CDT 450 Pulse Mig Three Phase Mig Welders
Used Mig Welder
WIA Weldmatic 325 Mig Welder
Used Mig Welder
New Multi-Process Welders
WIA Weldmatic 395 MIG Welder & 4RD Remote
Used Mig Welder
WIA CDT 450 Syncro Pulse
Used Mig Welder
WIA MIG Welder Weldmatic Super MIG 825 Amp Extra Heavy Duty Welding Machine
Used Hand Tools
WIA MIG Welder Weldmatic
Used Mig Welder
WIA MIG Welder Weldmatic Fabricator 400 Amp W19 Wire Feeder
Used Welding Supplies
WIA Fabricator MIG Welder 4RD Weldmatic SWF 400 Amp Heavy Duty Welding Machine
Hire Hand Tools
Wia MIG Welder Weldmatic 300 350 amp
Used Mig Welder
Used Mig Welder
Wia Weldmatic 190
New Mig Welder
Wia MIG Welder Weldmatic 600 AMP CP6
Used Mig Welder

"Easy to use."

Equipment Sold: WIA WIA CDT 450 Synchro Pulse MIG Welder Seperate Wire Feeder Mig Welder
Location: VIC

"All good."

Equipment Sold: Wia WIA Weldmatic Fabricator Mig Welder
Location: QLD

"Good way of selling equipment."

Equipment Sold: Wia WIA Fabricator 3 Phase Mig Welder W61 wire feeder Mig Welder
Location: NT


Equipment Sold: Wia WIA Weldmatic 395 with remote wire feeder and long Mig Welder
Location: SA