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Vm Motori

Established in 1947 by Claudio Vancini and Ugo Martelli, VM Motori S.P.A is a well-known diesel engine manufacturing company that is based in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. In the same year that they were founded, they released the first ever Italian air-cooled diesel engine that comes with a direct injection. VM Motori, since then, have expanded and broadened the product range. Now, they are already designing and producing engine technologies not just for the automotive sector, but for the marine, industrial, and power generation industries as well.

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Vm Motori Radiators Complete : NEW
New Truck Parts
Vm Motori SUN 3105T Air-Cooled Diesel Engine - 60
New Engines & Motors
Vm Motori Air-Cooled SUN4105T Diesel Engine-102HP
New Engines & Motors
Vm Motori SUN 2105 Air-Cooled Diesel Engine-34 HP
New Engines & Motors

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